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Alkalize 55 Digestion & Detoxification

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Alkalize 55 was invented by the Food Movement company in 2011.  This unique plant based food and mineral supplement, designed to promote pH balance within the body, was designed in concert with the work of Dr Michio Kushi.

Alkalize 55 is a unique nutritional supplement made from triple-fermented biodynamically-grown foods, and fulvic minerals complexed with natural humic acid. Each capsule contains over 80 bioavailable trace elements, many of which are believed to be essential for optimal physical performance.

The human body, as measured by serum pH, needs to be slightly alkaline.  In extreme examples, acidosis causes death.  Short of this, humans can continue to live with a blood pH of, say, 7.35 - but experts have found that a more alkalize bloodstream of around 7.46 is much more desirable and can promote measurably greater health.

Nearly ten years ago, Medicatrix Naturae and the Food Movement began a project to develop an alkalizing supplement that could truly impact the human micro biome, as well as the larger organism.  The result was Alkalize 55, a powerful blend of 55 triple-fermented dimeter-certified biodynamic super foods grown to custom specifications on pristine organic farms in Brazil and Japan, in combination with the powerful whole earth humic fulvic minerals with over 80 elemental trace nutrients.

The original formula of Alkalize 55 has been popular not just with health experts, but with anyone looking to improve their acid-alkaline balance in their internal milieu (microbiome).  Formulated in part by the late Dr Michio Kushi, pioneer in macrobiotics, this combination is a powerful blend of living minerals and triple-fermented foods that are biodynamically grown.  

Alkalize 55 has been tremendously popular with everyone from naturopathic doctors to yoga instructors.  Maybe you take a multi-vitamin, a probiotic, or other types of supplements.  Truly none of them will give you the same broad range of high vibrational micro-nutrients.  Alkalize 55 compliments all of the above type of supplements and is fact likely to make them more effective.

Studies have shown that improving your body's acid-alkaline balance can be a key to good health, better bone density and increased mental clarity.  Maintaining a health microbiome helps to insure that you are getting all of the natural food and mineral energy your body craves.

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