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Immuni-T Immune Support

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Immuni-T helps build the body’s natural resistance to immune challenges.  It does this by supporting the stimulation of white blood cell production, helping to inhibit the replication of harmful bacteria, and supporting overall communication within the immune system.*

Now with elderberry! We recently reformulated Immuni-T and added elderberry to our potent lineup of ingredients.  Elderberry contains powerful antioxidants and anthocyanins known to fight free radicals and ease inflammation. Studies show it may lessen the intensity of illnesses caused by common pathogens, like cold and flu viruses.*

Immuni-T works best when taken preventatively, and typically begins to help fight off signs of illness in the body within two days.  It’s best to take Immuni-T before exposure to situations that might make you vulnerable to illness—for example, when traveling, during cold and flu season, or at the first signs of your body feeling run down.*