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Shilajit Tincture

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A revolutionary product, this Shilajit tincture is the easiest and quickest way to take Shilajit! Pour directly in your mouth, drink, smoothie or food and you have an exact dose without the need to open a jar, scoop, or dissolve! Shilajit and glycerin are also both excellent for the skin and this makes an incredible facial. 

Pure & Raw Shilajit Dissolved in Vegetable Glycerin and Distilled Water. 

Glycerin we use is sustainable, organic coconut derived – USP – Food & Pharmaceutical Grade – Kosher – Non-GMO.

Shilajit is a black resin that seeps out mountain rocks at extremely high elevations throughout the world. Formed over many years, it is essentially a composted, compacted ancient forest engulfed by the rocky mountains as they grew. It was discovered by village people who saw animals climbing to the mountain peaks, making the long journey up just to eat Shilajit.